Batista as what we all know is one of the WWE stars who mourned over Ultimate Warrior’s passing. Days after his passing, Ultimate Warrior was inducted as one of WWE’s Hall of Fame giving him praises for being in the industry for years giving joy to people who are into watching the said show.

Batista Mourns Over Ultimate Warrior’s Death
Batista expressed his grief with the death of Ultimate Warrior and he said that he is honored to meet the warrior before his passing. The industry claims that he is such a great loss to them knowing that he already etched something in the heart of the people for years. Ultimate Warrior’s courage in facing all the trials in life can be compared on how he took punches and a lot of stuff just to give joy to the fans.

Batista as what we all know is Filipino-Greek wrestler who have been in the industry for years and gathered a lot of fans, especially Filipinos who love wrestling. His real name is Dave Batista Bautista and is characterized as an actor, mixed martial arts artist, body builder and professional wrestler.  His debut in WWE is on 2002 through a dramatic entrance in the industry. He has shown a lot of skills in wrestling and is surely considered as one of the hardest opponents in the said sport.

In his twitter account, Batista tweeted: After all these years I finally got 2 tell him that me shaking the ropes was an homage 2 him. Blessed to have had that moment. #onelife

Among others who are mourning for the passing of the said legend are The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Randy Orton and a lot more. Batista’s mourning over the loss of Ultimate Warrior who is James Brian Hellwig in real life is a sign that behind those muscles and good built, lies a heart that cares.

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