April 14, 2014; Manila – Bail for Cornejo and company who are accused of mauling Vhong Navarro last January is set at P12,000 each as arrest warrants have been issued against them. The bail was set by Presiding Judge Bernard Pineda Bernal of the Taguig Metropolitan Trial Court (MTC). The other accused are Bernice Lee, Jed Fernandez, Zimmer Raz, JP Calma and Ferdinand Guerrero.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that they can still be arrested if they insist on going of the country though they can post bail. We have known about the plans of Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo and lately, Ferdinand Guerrero of going out of the country. Ferdinand Guerrero was blocked at the NAIA for alleged plan of flying to Hong Kong. The information regarding Cornejo and Lee’s plan of exiting the country leaked that caused the flights to be cancelled.

Bail for Deniese Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee, Jed Fernandez, Zimmer Raz, JP Calma and Ferdinand Guerrero Set at P12,000 Each

De Lima also said that if ever they fail to comply with the requirements, they will not only be barred from traveling to other countries but they will also face another criminal offense that will cause them to be arrested. De Lima urged them to comply.

There are two offenses that are filed against them. And these are grave coercion and serious illegal detention. With the two, serious illegal detention is more serious because this is non-bailable. The Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 271 is the place where the hearing is heard for the serious illegal detention.

The case is moving and with this, we need to look forward to more news with regards to the progress of the case. Cornejo’s rape charge against Vhong Navarro was dismissed by the DOJ that caused Navarro teary eyed during an episode of “It’s Showtime”. He thanked everyone who supported him during his dark moments. We have seen how the netizens and citizens reacted on the issue that, according to Cornejo has caused her to experience being “cyber bullied”.

What is your stand on this issue? You are free to leave your comment at the bottom of this article. We are open for discussion on the topic. We do hope that the issue will be settled soon. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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