April 14, 2014; Arrest warrants for Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo and five others involved in the mauling comedian and host Vhong Navarro are issued on Monday. This is confirmed by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima. The said arrest warrants were issued last Friday, April 11 by Taguig MTC Branch 74 Judge Bernard Bernal according to Prosecutor General Claro Arellano and the copies of the said arrest warrants have been sent to the stakeholders.

The cases filed for the accused named Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee, Zimmer Raz, Jose Paolo Calma, Jed Fernandez and Ferdinand Guerero are serious illegal detention and grave coercion which are non-bailable offenses. This is due to the deprivation of Navarro’s liberty from January 22 up to January 23 which is the other day during the wee hours

Arrest warrants issued to Cedric Lee, Deniese Cornejo, Bernice Lee, Ferdinand Guerrero, Simeon Raz, Jose Paolo Calma, and Jed Fernandez for the crimes of serious illegal detention and grave coercion

In the previous news, the Bureau of Immigration has blocked Ferdinand Guerrero from getting out of the country even though he already booked a flight to Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific. This is not allowed to the accused while the proceeding is going on.

The issue regarding the mauling of Navarro has spread quickly through the social networking sites that have gathered so many comments from the netizens. It was also been the content of the news on radio and television for months.

The investigation has continued for the case with the involvement of the NBI gathering all the recorded videos through the CCTV cameras of the condo unit that favored Navarro.

Despite the case that was filed by Navarro against Lee and company, Cornejo also filed a rape case against him that was soon dismissed.

With the arrest warrants issued, what will be the outcome of the case? Things are getting tougher for Deniece, Lee and company with this issue that has come out. What do you think might happen next? You can leave your comment below. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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