Anne Curtis-Smith had another issue while drunk, this time it involves the name Sam Conception - the boyfriend of her sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith, last incident happened Tuesday April 1, 2014. The said confrontation made by Anne Curtis to Sam Conception takes place during Vice Ganda's birthday celebration on Monday held at Century City Mall in Makati City.

As quoted by (PEP), Anne Curtis, who was drinking at the time, approached Sam Conception during the party and shouted at him with the following words; "Why are you here? You are not classy enough to be here! Who invited you? Why are you fooling my sister?", these words from Ann said leads to Sam's walking out the party teary-eyed.

Anne Curtis and Sam Concepcion Confrontation.

With this said confrontation, Anne Curtis and Sam Concepcion have not issued any statements. According to INQUIRER report, they also tried contacting Jasmine Curtis about the issue, but was told through SMS by her management office she is in Batanes as of the moment. However, in Anne's Instagram post as of Tuesday evening, the actress denies the PEP repor on the said issue.

As we recall, this was not the first time Anne Curtis got involves in a confrontation while drunk. The first incident involves the actor John Lloyd Cruz that happened last November 23 last yearAnne slapped John Lloyd Cruz and other couple of people at an upscale club in Taguig.

Anne Curtis and Sam Conception confrontation goes viral online and netizens are looking for answer if the rumor were true. What can you say about the issue? Speak up your mind by posting comment below, thanks.

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