Manila, Philippines Angel Locsin stressed the fact on Thursday that he did not cheat with Philippine Azkals star Phil Younghusband, her former boyfriend. This is in relation to her going back to Luis Manzano. We know for a fact that there were so many bashers lately against the actress because of her revelation last January that she’s still in live with her ex boyfriend Manzano. This issue gathered so many reactions especially online.

The bashing continued despite the fact that Angel clarified the issue that it was not Manzano who is the reason for her breakup with Phil Yuonghusband and when she was asked by her critics with regards to the accusations, she threw a strong statement that she was the one who has been cheated before though she did not mention any name.

Angel Locsin Confessed that She Has Been Cheated Before - the issue between Luis Manzano, Angel Locsin, and Phil Younghusband

Angel still fights and hold on to his ideals that she did not cheat and the fact is she was the one who experienced being cheated and despite of that she did not say anything. She also said that she is very careful with regards to her speeches and she would rather stay silent when being cheated than speak a lot of words.

Looking at the local trend nowadays, “The Legal Wife” is dominating. This has taught a lot of lessons in terms of relationship and the like. This is loved by the Filipinos not just in the country but outside of it as well. Her issue with Phil Younghusband and Luis Manzano has override with the popularity of the primetime series in ABS-CBN "The Legal Wife".

With regards to the issue of cheating, Angel also added that she knew herself very well and she is not afraid of the truth. Angel would not destroy other people’s lives even though she will be the one to look negative on the issue.

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