Manila, Philippines Pinoy Big Brother house has opened once again for new housemates to enter. This time the housemates were revealed in advance before the official launching, in fact, it was during ASAP, an ABS-CBN noontime show.

2014 New PBB Pinoy Big Brother All In Housemates Introduced

You might be excited for the entrance of new housemates and here are the first 18 housemates introduced.

2014 PBB Housemate Axel Torres
Axel Torres
First housemate is Axel Torres who is a team member of the Green Archers – De La Salle University’s men’s basketball team. He is dubbed the "Jock-Next-Door ng Taguig", he is the brother of Thomas Torres, a DLSU Green Archer.
2014 PBB Housemate Jane Oineza
Jane Oineza
The second housemateone is Jane Onineza who was surprised to be selected as one first batch of the housemates. She has already experiences and appearance in several ABS-CBN shows, in fact she started in 2002 and an original cast of ‘Goin’ Bulilit.”

2014 PBB Housemate Cess Visitacion
Cess Visitacion
The third housemate, Dubbed “Bida Raketera ng Valenzuela” is Cess Visitacion, a nursing graduate and has experiences venturing different businesses that depict real Filipino life. She experienced selling pirated DVDs, lotions and soap. Truly this housemate has a golden hand. 

2014 PBB Housemate Kevin Cecilio
Kevin Cecilio
The fourth housemate, “Simpatikong Salesman ng Camsur” is how Kevin Cecilio is dubbed. When his father needed medical treatment, he needed to move to Manila. He worked as a broker and stopped his studies. This housemate is something to look forward to inside the Big Brother house.

2014 PBB Housemate Nichole Baranda
Nichole Baranda
The fifth housemate, Here is Nichole, Phoemela Baranda’s daughter and dubbed “Sweet Revelation ng Makati.” And wants to reveal herself not a secret anymore. She wants to prove a lot of things inside the Big Brother House and she is the fifths housemate.

2014 PBB Housemate Aina Solano
Aina Solano
The sixth housemate who went inside Big Brother’s House was Aina Solano. Dubbed as "Dancing Bombshell ng Boracay," Aina went through a severe heartache that caused her to go back to the place where she grew up – Boracay. Her life story is at the age of 8, her family moved to Switzerland.

2014 PBB Housemate Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia
The seventh housemate who entered the Big Brother House was Joshua Garcia. He is dubbed as "Tatay's Boy ng Batangas," and introduced on Sunday. Joshua at his young age would like to prove that being young has the capacity to become an influence to others.

2014 PBB Housemate Jayne Jalandoni
Jayme Jalandoni
Jayme Jalandoni is the eighth housemate who entered the PBB House and she is dubbed as "Devoted Daughter ng Las Piñas.” Jayme is certified nurse by profession and described as sweet, thoughtful and caring. She admits being going through life and it has not been so kind to her.

2014 PBB Housemate Manalo Pedrosa
Manolo Pedrosa
The ninth contestant/housemate who entered the Pinoy Big Brother house was Manolo Pedrosa. This young guy is dubbed as "Wonder Son ng Quezon City." At his age, he is still single and he didn't have any experiences of having a girlfriend.

2014 PBB Housemate Maris Racal
Maris Racal
Maris Racal is the tenth housemate who entered the Pinoy Big Brother House that was introduced on Sunday. Maris is dubbed as “Singing Sunshine of Davao” and a daughter of a famous folk singer in Davao. Since she grew up with a father who is a singer. 

2014 PBB Housemate Ranty Fortento
Ranty Fortento
Randy Fortento was the eleventh Pinoy Big Brother Housemate who entered PBB house and dubbed as "Maginoong Marino ng Quezon." Randy is 26 years old and a seaman. He has experiences traveling around the world because of the nature of his job.

2014 PBB Housemate Michelle Gumabao
Michelle Gumabao
The Pinoy Big Brother House might turn sporty with Michelle Gumabao inside. She was the twelfth housemate who entered the house. With this she is dubbed as the "Spunky Spiker of Quezon City” .

2014 PBB Housemate Jacob Benedicto
Jacob Benedicto
Jacob Benedicto was the thirteenth housemate who entered the PBB house and dubbed as "Cutie Crooner ng Paranaque." Jacob grew up in Indonesia but he is a Filipino. He went back to the Philippines after feeling estranged in the country. Jacob is a total stage performer and this is his talent. 

2014 PBB Housemate Loisa Andalio
Loisa Andalio
Loisa Andalio is the fourteenth housemate who entered the Pinoy Big Brother House. She is 15 years old and dubbed as “Talented Darling ng Pasay.”  Because of her talent, she was able to make use of this in joining a teenage girl group called 3G.

2014 PBB Housemate Fourth Solomon
Fourth Solomon
Fourth Solomon was the fifteenth housemate who entered the Big Brother HouseHe has a twin brother called Fifth Solomon. Fourth is dubbed as “Brad Bait ng Pasay” and he is different in so many things as compared to his brother Fifth. Fourth is dedicated to showing his own skills, different from his twin.

2014 PBB Housemate Fifth Solomon
Fifth Solomon
The sixteenth housemate who entered the Pinoy Big Brother House was Robert “Fifth” Solomon. Dubbed as “Brad Kulit ng Pasay,” Fifth is dedicated to showing to the world his capabilities of coping with different situations inside the Big Brother House so we have to see what will happen next. 

2014 PBB Housemate Vickie Ruston
Vickie Rushton
The seventeenth housemate who entered the Pinoy Big Brother House was Vickie Rushton. Dubbed as “Lady Mahinhin ng Bacolod,” Vickie is 21 years old. Her mother is a Filipina and her father is a British but they separated when she was just 8 years old.

2014 PBB Housemate Alex Gonzaga
Alex Gonzaga
Alex Gonzaga was the last (18th) housemate who entered the PBB house and it was unexpected. The thing is she was shocked being included in the list of housemates. Alex, dubbed as "Sassy Sister ng Rizal," is a TV host-actress and supposedly a host of the PBB’s kick-off event.

Watch out on Sunday evening since the other housemates will be introduced. This will be the start of the “PBB” countdown.

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