Ours is a country full of colorful history. If we are going to flip on the pages of our history books, we can see pictures of people who died in order to save the country from tyranny. But what do we really know about our history? And after knowing such, what benefits can we get from it? Personally, I learned virtues such as these:

Love of freedom. Almost majority of our heroes were driven to fight because of their love for freedom. Dagohoy’s revolt, the Cry of Pugadlawin and others. These have given value to the freedom that we are enjoying right now.

What Philippine History Teaches Us.

Courage. After the revolutions this country still has so many problems. Yes, and because of the courage shown by Lapu-Lapu, Emilio Aguinaldo, Gregorio del Pilar and many more, I learned not to give up from the trials that I am going through.

Sacrifice. Learning the story of Gomburza brings a tear in my eyes. The three priests were executed innocents. Sometimes I get to be in a situation when I need to sacrifice in order to meet other people’s needs.

Nationalism. This is a very beautiful county despite the fact that there are leadership flaws. I learned how to love my country because of so many heroes who once loved this republic.

We cannot change history anymore but we can allow it to change our lives. Though these are already properties of the past, we can always look back to the events and rejuvenate our spirit. Whatever are the mistakes of the past, we should learn not to commit them again.

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