Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has given everyone a concept of their priorities in life. This is so important for someone who would like to understand more about how he should live in this world and what would be his priorities. The hierarchy of needs is in pyramid position which is composed of:..

Physiological needs. This is the bottom part of the pyramid which accumulates the biggest percentage. It contains the natural needs of humans such as sleeping, homeostasis, breathing, etc. Humans will give more importance to this need because it has something to do with his survival.

Safety. At the top of the physiological needs is safety. Normally, humans need safety in order to survive. And this is not just a topic concerning to our own concept of “safety” but it include the family, health, property, resources, employment, etc.

The Self-actualization and the Hierarchy of Needs

Belonging. Humans need to be loved and accepted in order for him to survive emotionally. Humans live in this world not just to survive physically but rather they also need to build relationship with someone.
Esteem. Respect is so important and it should be given to every human that will give him value.

Self-actualization. This is the ultimate and final goal of every human. Upon reaching this peak, he will be able to realize the meaning of his life and his existence.

Abraham Maslow explains clearly the importance ofself-actualization. We have needs and these needs will give us drive that will lead us into self-actualization. Humans are complex beings and with Maslow’s diagram, they are able to cope up with the society.

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