Last March 8, 2014 Vhong Navarro was back as a TV host on ABS-CBN segment "Its Showtime" after more than a month been gone due to indecent happened to him. The return of Vhong Navarro on Its Showtime makes all TV host cries including him due to happiness they feel.

Vhong was mauled on Fort Bonifacio at Deniece Conejo's Condo unit last January 24, 2014. The investigation is still in progress due to claims that Vhong attempted raping Denece Conejo on her condo unit that resulted to beaten up by the group of Cedric Lee. There are lot of news came out in relation with this case that can be found on updates here.

The Return of Vhong Navarro on Its Showtime Flashback.

Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Jong and all other Its Showtime Host were tearfully thankful and welcomes for that return of Vhong Navarro on the show. They give their healthfully welcome messages to Vhong Navarro and it makes all fans of Vhong happy that day. We were hoping that he will continually makes us happy and makes us all dance again on its showtime show.

If you missed to watched the episode of Its Showtime last March 8, 2014- the first day of Vhong Navarro's return you may watch the video below.

Are one of Vhong Navarro? What can you say about the issue he is with now? Is he really an innocent one or the guilty? Express your feelings and thought on the comment box below... Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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