We all have nostalgic pasts. And because of this, we have a sentimental longing for the past. The experiences we had in yesteryear are reminders of who we were before and what we could possibly be in the future. I have my own nostalgic past and listed here are the common sources of nostalgia for people:

High school memories. High school life they say is the most colorful stage of life of a student. Remember your very first high school crush? How about your prom? The sports events you became famous with? And many more..

Weddings. This is one of the most memorable moments especially for a husband and wife. One of the goals of every relationship is to build a good family someday. And weddings are mostly cherished by couples to remind them of the sweetness of the past that should be maintained or strengthened up to the present.

The Nostalgia Sources.

Debuts. When a girl reaches 18 years old, she has to celebrate it due to the fact that she needs to undergo transition in her life from childhood to adulthood. Photographs and videos are essential in this matter. For every woman’s life, a colorful page such as this is cherished the most.

College graduation. The tears, struggles, victories and happy moments are summed up to give joy to the one who topped them all. Backed by a supportive family and friends, who could forget all the happy moments of college life that are celebrated through graduations?

You also have your own source of nostalgia. May I know it?

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