We often hear this kind of situation: the love triangle. Often, we look at this as something funny, cute and good to feature in a film or even a concept of a play and the like. We have this entire notion that being on a love triangle is being in a situation that is easy to deal with but it is not.

It is hard to be in this kind of situation. When the people involved are friends: double jeopardy. The result:  friendship problems that can eventually end it up instantly, secretly. Do not let this happen to you. But what if you are already in this situation? What would be the best thing to do? You can try these suggestions:

Talk to your opponent kindly. Misunderstanding happens when there is no good conversation among you. You have to settle the issue that no matter who will be chosen, the other one should respect the decision of the girl.

The Love Triangle.

Be open-minded and control jealousy. It can lead to more serious problems. Jealousy should be stopped in order to avoid any serious conflicts. Be open minded in this manner knowing that any fight could happen if this is not controlled.

Show courtesy. Be kind no matter what. By showing courtesy, you will gain respect from your opponent. Be friend with him and minimize competition. You might want to do something good for the both of you.
As what I have said, it is really hard to be in this situation. You have to do something in order to stop your friendship’s end when the decision is there.

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