What are your priorities? In order to answer this simple question with complex answers, you have to evaluate your life first because what you do will set your priorities. If you are a teacher, your priority is to teach. If you are a carpenter, your priority is to build and fix houses. It only shows that if you have an honest evaluation of yourself, your priorities will come out in the open. And setting your priorities in life is another thing to do. When you set your priorities, you will have to know very well what should come first, next and last.

Your big rocks. Your big rocks are the things that are essential to you. These are prerequisites. And you cannot go somewhere or start another activity without settling your issues on this. It could be a family, job, or career issue. Your big rocks should be your very first input in your calendar of activities. You have to put them in a schedule that is possible for you to come and do.

Setting Priorities in Life

Your pebbles. Your pebbles are your secondary priorities. These are important things but can wait. They may be your other concerns of issues in life like friendship and the like. When you settle your priorities in a bottle, this will be the second thing that you will put.

Your sand. Your sand is your least priority that is why you will put it last in your bottle. These may be your hobbies. You can play basketball when you have settled your big rocks and pebbles. If you will follow this order, you will have an orderly life.

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