We all have secrets. And this world cannot be complete without the secrets we keep. We somehow all agree to the idea that keeping secrets is a must especially if that secret is so confidential. I have broken my promises to several people so many times and that includes revealing their secrets to others. While we have an itch to do this, here are ways on how to avoid revealing someone’s deep dark secrets to others.

Make a commitment to yourself. The person who has the secret will not just be the one in trouble but you also. Do not just swear you will keep it, but do it!

Think of what hangs in the balance. The family, relationship, job and other essential data of the person will be sacrificed with what you are doing. You have to put yourself in the shoes of that person. What will you feel?
Keeping a Secret

Do not listen to secrets you cannot keep. Learn to say NO. If you cannot keep a secret, better say to that person who is sharing his secret to you honestly about your situation. Say to him that you might fall short on this. It is better to be this way than create a mess in the future.

Keeping a secret can be hard especially to someone who loves telling stories. If you are in this situation right now, better control your urge to share the secrets of your friends to others. In this way, you will save lives and prevent yourself from getting into troubles.

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