Your English vocabulary will gauge your skills in using the language. There are so many words to learn in the said language and it is not necessary to learn them all. When I say increase, you have to add more to it. A word a day will do. Think of doing this for a month or a year, I guess. There will surely be a sign of progress that can be seen from you.

English is probably the most difficult language to study in the world that this should be included in the curriculum of students from elementary to college. In the Philippines alone, children are taught about this language an early age up to the time when they will graduate in college. No matter what course they will take, this language is used and included. 

Increase Your English Vocabulary.

How important is English in the world? Well, it is very important in the sense that this language is a medium for people with language division to communicate to each other. The songs that are published internationally should be in English so that all countries could relate to it.

Are you having a hard time learning how to use this language as your medium? Well, read more and watch movies with subtitle. I am not saying that I am excellent in using this language that it already has been a part of my speaking. I also struggle to learn more daily in order to increase my vocabulary. Do you want to know more about it’s application? Well, care to apply for a job. 

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