The gym accident happened last Wednesday - March 19, 2014- wherein Lance Raymundo's middle face and nose were totally crushed when an 80-pound barbell fell on him while he was at gym. He suffered from multiple facial bone fractures but luckily his neck and his skull were not damage which may be fatal according to Raymundo's mom, Nina Zaldua-Raymundo, statement posted at ABS-CBN news.

Its been said that the person who was assisting him on his workout that day, accidentally dislodged the barbel on top of Lance's face when he leaned forward that resulted to facial injuries. He was immediately given a medical assistance and rushed on the hospital where he will undergo two major reconstructive facial procedures. According to his doctors, a 100% restoration of his face is assured.

Gym Accident involving Lance Raymundo Crushing his Nose and Middle Face.

March 25, 2014 is the tentative schedule of Lance first major reconstructive facial procedures and the next procedure is approximately 2-3 weeks after. As the result, Raymundo will be out of his contractual obligations for 3months and the sooner recovery will be advised publicly. The latest project was directed by Nathan Adolfson entitled "A Thief, A Kid & A Killer."

Accidents may happens anytime and anywhere, so we should always be careful and focus on whatever we are doing in the certain time. In behalf of this blog authors, we are praying for faster recovery of Lance Raymundo.

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