Temptations are dangerous. When we draw closer to it, we might become the prey. We have to fight temptations no matter what. We should flee from it as soon as we recognize that it is trying to deceive us. No temptation is ugly. The reasons why we are tempted to something because it is beautiful and that it captures our eyes, we will only recognize that it is a temptation the moment we are already suffering the consequences. And fighting temptations can be hard.

Christians discuss about the topic of temptation based on the Bible and there are stories written about the devil tempting Jesus, Potiphar’s wife tempting Joseph and David tempted by Bathsheeba’s beauty. It means to say that no one is exempted with temptation. We cannot avoid being tempted daily with what we see and hear. The main object of temptation is our eyes and we have to guard it.

Fighting Temptations.

The increase in the level of temptation is made possible by online pornographic sites. We have privacy and even younger ones enjoy the same privacy. When they are already in their private rooms, they are capable of doing things hidden from others. And thus, temptation begins.

As what I have said, temptation is hard to battle with. But if we are consistent with our battles and we do not give up, we will be able to overcome it. We have to persevere with temptations knowing that they could lead to crimes like stealing and many more. We have to be responsible with what we see and hear.

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