If your dream is to see a province with so many species of plants and animals with clean air and water, you might be dreaming of Batanes. And once you are in this situation, I advise you to get up on your feet and start travelling because you have so many things to discover in this beautiful place north of the country.

You will experience life with the Ivatan natives when you come in this province.

And it’s so amazing to know that this province has zero crime rate which means you will not worry about your life and your properties when you come here. Being the smallest province in the country both in land area and population, you will find tranquility when you come here and this is also the best place to go if you want to see beautiful beaches and you don’t want to be disturbed.
Explore Philippines: Batanes 
Life in Batanes is very simple because most people here are farmers and fishermen. In fact 75% of them and they only depend on their natural resources for living. The most possible way to get here is by means of air travels. SkyJetAir is making 3 flights from Manila per week and Airphil is also making some air travel that will increase the rate of tourism in the province. Most of the houses here are made of stone because the province experiences strong typhoons.

This province is not always featured on the news probably because there are no crimes happening in the area. Include this in your list of places to go and experience the beauty of nature.

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