There are so many explanations as to what “emo” is all about. And for me, it is more than music. There are so many bands like Finch, Thursday, Early November and Taking Back Sunday who play emo music. The melodies can be emotional without rules on the quality of voice if the note is reached or not. Just be emotional in singing along with heavy accompaniment and sometimes acoustic like Dashboard Confessional. But what exactly is emo?

It is a lifestyle. There are people who are not just emotional in terms of their preference in music. They have problems in life that are the source of their being emotional. They can relate to the message of the music and because of this, they are able to internalize what they are hearing up to the point of adapting it and making it their lifestyle.

Emo is More than Music

I am not saying that emo music is bad but we just have to be aware of the influence they could give to our children. I, myself love to hear emo music. In fact they are stored in my computer and I play them whenever I feel like letting go of my hidden emotions. They heal me. And after playing several songs, I can go out and face life.

With proper understanding of music, we will be able to utilize their usage and make use of them as an antidote rather that just pure eargasm.  Just avoid any negative thoughts when listening to emo music. For those who are not educated to such thing, they can be dangerous.

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