Once or maybe many times in your life you might have been angry. And we have our own personal reasons for anger. When someone does something bad to us and ruins our day, we become angry to that person. And at the point of our anger, we speak a lot of words in order to show to a particular person the things that we abhor the most about what he did until he feels guilty about it. After our anger, we get back to our real selves with a feeling of guilt.

When we are angry, sometimes we are not aware of what are we doing and saying and we give into our emotions just to release it. There are people who can manage their anger and just keep it but the result is hatred which is far worse than anger. It is suggested that when we are angry we should have a means to release it because it may cause more serious problems which includes our health.

Controlling Anger 

We are angry most of the times with people who are dear to us. Misunderstanding is the most common cause of anger of a person towards others. And angers that are rooted on this could cause relationships to be broken that is why as much as possible, we have to negotiate with the person we are angry with. A gentle and humble heart could lead to solving conflicts. And it is a good thing for you to do when you are angry to think of what you are saying because it is hard to renounce the words that you have said when you are at the peak of your anger. 

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