Speaking depends on our own discretion. And when we speak, we represent ourselves. So whatever we say, we are responsible for it. The thing is if you want to know more about the attitude or personality of a person, you have to notice the way he speaks. If he speaks rudely, there is something about his personality.

We are observant on the behavior of people around us. Though we have to be objective on this matter, sometimes we are subjective because of the words that we hear that comes from the mouth of someone. If you want to be respected by people, you have to change the way you speak for the better.

Change the Way You Speak.

The people that we see in the television especially the news reporters and artists are so concerned of the things that they say that will be heard by millions of people. A single mistake can lead to bad impression. And we cannot change others’ implication towards us easily with the words we speak. Though action speaks louder than words as they say, it is our words that is very audible and can be noticed easily.

Let us guard our mouths because people are affected by what we say. The kind of mouth that compliments others has also the capacity to destroy their reputations. We will notice the rapid increase of our friends if we are only dedicated to speaking sensible things that could influence others to do the right things. Have you given your compliment lately to someone? Well, that is good.

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