Sunday, March 16, 2014, According to Roxanne Cabenero during the interview with Boy Abunda on the tv show episode "Buzz ng Bayan", she is not sure with the date when she was Rape by Vhong Navarro. This confusion with the date and place where the alleged rape taken place was also explained on Cabenero affidavit as she narrated to Boy Abunda during the tv show.

Same as Atty. Virgilio Batalla claimed that his client (Roxanne Cabenero) sure when was the rape takes place and emphasizing that the said rape happened anytime between April 24 to April 27, 2010. He also added that the alibi of Vhong Navarro is misleading the public by inculcating to the mind of the public that the rape happened on the 24th wherein even google can prove where was Vhong on 24th of April 2010.

Roxanne Cabenero is not sure with the date and place when and where she was Rape.

Batalla also said to stop from meddling those who are not involved on their case referring to journalist Tony Calvento, who published a copy of affidavit of Cabanero on his Facebook account that makes the case public. Cabanero also commented that she felt violated and disrespected on what Calvento did.

On the other hand, Cavento responded that he sees nothing wrong with publishing Cabanero’s affidavit online (Facebook) wherein he did withheld Cabanero's name and not shown her face on the public because he knows that the name and face of rape victims should not be shown in public. He emphasizes that Cabanero is the one who shown her face in public by entertaining the TV interview.

The alleged rape case of Cabanero is not related to controversy mauling of Vhong Navarro happened last January 22,2014 according to them. This news was based on ABS-CBN News.

We can read on comments on this case that people are saying that if someone was really raped she/he will never forget the date and place where it was done. Some also says that the rape client may forget the rape indecent only if the clients is suffering from selected memory loss which may the reason why Cabanero forget or confused when alleged rape taken place.

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