Thursday, March 13, 2014, the preliminary investigation about rape complaints filed by Roxanne Cabanero against Vhong Navarro takes place on Pasig City Prosecutor's Office. The ABS-CBN news says that Cabanero was emotional during the session.

She was accompanied by her lawyer named Atty. Virgilio Batalla and demanded Vhong Navarro to face her (Roxanne Cabanero) as she reiterated her allegations of rape happened last April 2010. Atty. Batalla said (when asked) that Cabanero mentions on her complaint-affidavit that she met Vhong Navarro last April 24, 2010 but she also mentioned on the affidavit that the rape was not specifically happened on specific date but subsequently happened on April 24, 25, 26, 27. As the preliminarily investigation ended the rape case has been submitted for resolution.

Cabanero was Emotional During the Preliminary Investigation about Rape Complaint She Filed against Vhong Navarro

Previously, Atty. Alma Mallonga submitted Navarro's counter-affidavit that included the sworn statements by the actor's personal assistant and brother, three dancers, as well as the producer of a concert which the actor took part in on April 24, 2010 the night the rape allegedly happened. Also, the affidavit of actor and host comedian Vice Ganda was submitted supporting the counter-affidavit by Navarro camp.

Vhong Navarro sued Roxanne Cabanero for the case of prejury in relation with the rape complaints she made.

Questions is always raises by all netizen who were watching this issue about the authenticity of filed case by Cabanero. Lets hope that the truth will be revealed soon as the investigation progresses. Express your feelings or thought about this issue by posting comment below. Thanks

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