There are distinctions with regards to what matters the most in a certain website. Looking at several platforms like wordpress, prestashop, open cart, magento and many others, these companies are geared towards engineering high quality themes and templates to match with the content of a certain site. If you are a site owner, you will have to make it sure that your design and content blend together to promote whatever product or message you would like to embody.

Whenever you build a site, you have to know the purpose. There are several reasons why a site is built and you should focus on your primary reason in order for it to succeed. If your site is for personal blogging only, you will only have to choose a template that corresponds to your feeling. Normally, a personal blog would depict someone’s lifestyle and it is your preference that matters.

Both Content and Design Matter in a Website.

But if you are into marketing and money making, you have to choose a template that has enough space for advertisement and widgets for links without compromising the appeal for your content. What you have in the title of the site should appear on the content.

By considering the content and design, you are unstoppable with what you can reach. You can increase your visitors by making them stay in your blog. The key: make their first impression last. Do not just be satisfied with too many visitors in a single day. Make them go back for more by avoiding high bounce rate.

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