There are so many accidents in the streets happening with the involvement of bicycles. The reason why riding a bicycle is still famous nowadays is because this can help someone commute without spending on the gasoline and it can also give them the chance to exercise. With proper consideration of several things, we will be able to promote safety in the streets.

Do not forget to wear protective materials. You have your protective clothing and head gear to use so that when an accident happens, you will be spared from great damage.

Wear clothes that can easily be noticed at daytime and with reflective materials at nighttime. You need to be recognized by other drivers around you. It is important for you to make use of these kinds of clothing so that you will not stay invisible in the eyes of other drivers and that they will be able to avoid you if necessary.

Riding a Bicycle

Put lights and reflectors in your bicycle.  With lights and reflectors in the darkness, your bicycle will shine. Those who are coming behind you will recognize you and therefore accident is prevented.

Being safe is always your priority. Check bicycle always if it is in the right condition before you make use of it as vehicle especially for a longer journey. It is fun to ride a bicycle and you will feel like in control of your driving. With much precaution you will live longer and stay biking for a longer time. Are you ready for a ride? Well, make a checklist. 

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