You may be staring at a blank sheet and hoping to finish something in the evening only to find out that time is flying out and you have not done anything to stain it. This is the issue with writer’s block. In order for you to overcome this, you have to do something in order to find the antidote. I suggest that you will do some of the things that I will be listing since I have tried them to be effective to me.

Get enough fresh airEnough fresh air will enhance the thinking to create pictures of what is to come. Do this when you can’t seem to think of anything to write because of too much emotional baggage.

Eat. When you eat, you will get to nourish your physical body which also has an essential effect in conditioning the mind. You will get to think right because of your mind’s normal functioning.

Writing a Good Novel by Avoiding Writer’s Block

Clear your table. You might have a messy table that stresses your eyes. Do not let this thing stop you from creating good images in your mind to write for your novel. Remember that you are writing for people to find enjoyment. And you can only achieve this by having an enjoyable way of writing.

You may spend half a year or more in writing your novel. But if you are wise enough to prepare your environment in writing, you will get your reward. And one thing, do not forget to include travelling in your agenda because it can be a source of information.

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