Being obsessed with something can be a source of problem. There are so many faces of obsession and may this article will serve as your checklist to know if you are already obsessed with something of someone.

Too much love of money despite being rich. If you are rich and want to become richer, there may be a problem. And obsession may be in the form of too much love of money or pride. There are rich people who are not actually interested of becoming richer. The reason why they would like to increase their possessions is in order to have power. And this is another case of obsession.

What Obsession Can Do

Too much adoration for a person. We admire people who are on the stage. We have our own choice of music and movies to watch. And oftentimes we are amazed of the performance of someone giving us a feeling of desire to adore him or her. Too much adoration is obsession. You will be collecting pictures and putting them in your walls. You will even do something foolish just to get closer to the person.

Too much love for self. The “selfie” thing is a form of obsession. This is evident in social networking sites wherein they will try to upload their pictures just to be noticed by everyone. They do not want their beauty pass without being noticed. You can check your life if you are doing this. If yes, then you are probably obsessed.

Obsession is being attached extremely to something. If you will not have the means to control your obsession, you might end up neglecting other necessary things in your life.

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