After a controversial video of Wally Bayola and one of the dances of the noontime show “Eat Bulaga,” he finally appeared on GMA7’s noontime show. The said video spread online six months ago that really shook the showbiz industry. The video has spread quickly that it became popular online and even sold on the street. A hunt for the person who is responsible for sharing and uploading the video is still going on.

Wally was tearfully holding a birthday cake for Jose Manalo, his comedy act partner together with Paolo Ballesteros. They are the ones who are together in the noontime show’s “Juan for All, All for Juan” dedicated to helping the people of the country. Jose Manalo hugged Wally and gave him the chance to talk and say the things that he wanted to say and express the things that he wanted to express.

Wally Bayola Appeared on GMA7 Noontime Show "Eat Bulaga" on Saturday

Bayolaonly said sorry and he asked for another chance for him to renew his life. There was also an affirmation on him during the show and he was given second chance and accepted by his fellow hosts in Eat Bulaga.

Meanwhile, the NBI is still conducting an investigation in search for the one who is responsible for uploading the video. There were issues coming out saying that it was the dancer who uploaded the video but Wally said that according to the investigation, the uploading was done on an internet shop.

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