The rise of spam links in facebook showing videos of viral issues is unstoppable. What’s so irritating about these links is that the moment you click it, the link will show on your wall. The spread of spam links is something that needs attention in order to stop. There are negative effects of spam links and they have the potential to spread viruses such as malware in computers. There were even so many facebook accounts that were destroyed because of these spam links.

Once you have seen a spam link, the first thing that you need to do is DO NOT click it first. Look at the one who is sharing and also the url. If you think the url is reliable, then go, but if you are not sure, do not make any move because a single mistake would lead to many.

Too Many Spam Links in Facebook

Most spam links can spread instantly due to the curiosity of those who have seen them. This is also a way for SEOs to promote their sites and to increase in traffic by link baiting just to earn money. Do not be fooled by these links without contents. But instead report any links such as this like in facebook. This social networking site is strict in terms of its campaign for spam links. This is the reason why there are so many links that are banned already in facebook. Once your link is banned in facebook, it is hard of impossible to bring this back again. The solution would be buying a new one.

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