Teachers are immortal. They remain in the hearts of their students while they are still alive. Teachers nowadays are prone to several kinds of stress. Imagine the time spent in order for him to learn about the subject in order to teach the students. What about the visual aids? What about the voice? The guts? The efforts? These are things that make teachers great.

Teachers are the kinds of human beings who are prone to discouragement. Think of a classroom with different kinds of students with different personalities. The teacher will deal with these students and he should make an adjustment to himself in order to reach out to their thinking.

On the other hand, the joy of a teacher is when he sees his student up in the stage wearing a toga and receiving his diploma. The graduation time is probably the most memorable time for teachers seeing their students standing and wearing the diploma with pride, ready to face the challenges of life in the real world.
There is always this sense of longing in the heart of every student when he is already successful in his career. Because of priceless time and efforts offered by his teachers to him in order to be where he is at, he will be able to go back to school and visit his teacher.

I always have this sad feeling whenever I hear news that a teacher of mine has passed away. I simply have this loyalty to them. Being a student is probably be the most colorful moment of my life.

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