If there is one thing that you need to prioritize in your life in order for you to be inspired, it is giving. Yes, giving can be uncomfortable to do but this is so important. No matter what kind of life you are living, what profession are you into and what attitudes do you posses, it is important to give. And here are some ways to give:

Gift giving. Gifts give more than just material things. When you remember someone’s special dates, he will appreciate you and you will receive a warm “thank you” in return. Give gifts during birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and victorious moments.

Giving to beggars on the street. You will see them on the streets or even in front of the church. They are asking for some money of yours that they can make use in buying foods to feed their hungry stomach. If you are observant and attentive, you will realize that they are humans who deserve to live.

The Joy of Giving

Giving to charitable institutions. Charitable institutions are the best places to go when you would like to give some donations. Your donations can be in the form of cash or kind. These helps will go to the less fortunate people of the society and also to some projects intended to improve the condition of life.

These are some of your options in giving and not only that, you can give as often as you want. If you are a student and there is this classmate of yours who cannot eat because he cannot afford to buy, you can share your food. This simple act of giving can help you gain friends.

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