What genre do you watch mostly? Mine is horror. Well, there are people who cannot stand watching horror movies unlike me. It only shows that people differ in terms of the level of courage in watching horror movies. The most famous horror movies in the world are the Saw series, House of Wax, and Asian horrors. Though I love watching horror movies, I have found out that there are several effects of indulging in this kind of movie especially for children.

Unable to sleep at night. Sleeplessness is sometimes caused by the horror movie that has just been watched. If your child has trouble sleeping because of the movie, it is advisable to accompany her until she will find her sleep.

Bad dreams. Because of too much thinking of the movie watched, it may appear in dreams. This is often the cause of nightmare for children.

The Effects Watching Horror Movies on Children

Fear. You will notice that your child may become fearful of many things. This can be noticed by means of paranoia.

Trauma. Being traumatized is a very dangerous effect of watching horror films. And in order to solve this issue, you have to replace what is in her thoughts by watching other good movies to watch. Inspirational movies will do that will replace what is in her mind and forget about the scary things she watched on the horror film.

Avoid watching too much horror films with your children. If you cannot resist watching the latest release of your favorite movie, you might as well want to watch it alone in your room.

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