Whatever we do with the environment, there is a way for it to revenge. And revenge cannot be abruptly, it can be slowly but very dangerous. This world has so many problems to bear since the start of heat engine which led to the discovery and invention of so many machines. Well, these machines are very helpful to humans. They can help make works easier for humans to do and they are also responsible for the advancement of technology – think of the upgrades.

With so many good things we experience in life today – the gadgets, the instant foods, the equipment and the entertainments, we are not aware of what really is happening up there and down there. The nature has its own way of revenge by means of ecological backlash. We can feel that the temperature is increasing. We can also see the forest fires or too much cold when it is not supposed to be cold.

The Ecological Backlash

Whatever we do has an effect on our ecology. The wastes we throw in the bodies of water will go somewhere else. It will not disappear in an instant. It will stay for long time and will cause pollution. The smokes with carbons that we produce that go up destroy the ozone layer. This determines our carbon footprint. And if we will not reduce our carbon footprint, we are trying to end life on earth. Remember that this is the only planet where we can survive. This is finite and the survival of this planet along with different organisms in it lies in our hands.

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