There are distinctions between the two. And I should say that if you have a clear orientation between them, you will be able to organize your digging grounds to make sure that you are managing your resources well. To differentiate the two, you should read between the lines:

Active Income: An active income in short is an income that you can expect to receive at a given time. It could be your job or any income from your business. The money that you can handle monthly is an active income. You can make use of this money to provide for your direct needs.

The Active and Passive Income

Passive Income: Passive income on the other hand is an income that you cannot expect to have at any given time. You may have to spend some time cultivating your money source in order to have it. And it could take a long time for it to happen. The good thing about passive income is that at least you have an income that is stored that you can expect to come soon. The time may not be that predictable but the good thing is that it will come soon.

With proper management of your sources of income, you will be able to plan for your future. Most business owners are aware of these two. If you can control them well, you are also in control of your finances. And controlling your finances well will give you the ability to control and manage your life well. It is good that at this moment you are able to read about this matter.

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