Buzz ng Bayan became a way for Rodrigo Cornejo, the grandfather of Deniece Cornejo to finally speak. He said during the show that his grandniece is a lovely and beautiful person with a good heart. He said this not because she is his niece but because this is his observation and belief with regards to the attitude of his niece. It was February 2, 2014 when the show was aired.

Rodrigo Cornejo described his niece as someone who wants to show something that she can do and a person who wants to succeed at her own efforts. She is also determined and brave. These are the things that Deniece’s grandfather told the host Boy Abunda.
 Rodrigo Cornejo the Grandfather of Deniece Cornejo Finally Speaks

He also admitted that Deniece told her about the case filed against Vhong Navarro and he believed it to be true because of what he knows about his granddaughter. Though his father is working as a seaman, Deniece is a very independent person because she doesn’t depend on him. He works hard to make a living and in order to send herself to school.

There are so many things to know about the case and the people involved. Deniece Cornejo’s attitude as a daughter and granddaughter is exposed in this interview. We are hoping to know more about Cornejo in the near future. Be updated on this case in our future post here.

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