Going back to the previous year (2013) we can enumerate so many calamities that took place wherein we were caught unprepared. In the Philippines alone, there are so many calamities that took place like earthquakes and typhoons that really shattered lives. We can do something about it if we want to. I am not saying that we can stop them from occurring, but the things that we can do in order to restore the damaged area.

You can start planting trees because this is one of the best solutions you can do. After a typhoon you can see lots of trees uprooted and fell down and if you think the land is ready to accept seedlings, you can start planting even in your backyard. Remember that trees can do lots of things in the world.

Restoring Damaged Area of Calamities

Another thing that you can do is clean your area. After a typhoon or earthquake, there are so many garbage scattered everywhere. This means to say that you are prone to water contamination. This should alarm you since there are so many diseases that can be acquired by means of water. If you are particular with your health, make it a habit of cleaning your water systems and ensure cleanliness in your surroundings.

If your water area is clean, you will be safe from any diseases that might give you additional burden aside from the calamity strike. Don’t wait for the government to do something for you. If you can do something about your situation and solve your problem with your little ways, well, it will surely go a long way.

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