It is heartbreaking to see elementary students nowadays from different schools across the country doing their share of the campaign to make use of wastes materials, especially plastics for better use. It is already a problem nowadays to have all these waste materials thrown in the garbage dumps without solution. There are campaigns with regards to this matter but everything fell short and until now, the country is still struggling on how to put all these things into the right place.

Because of the desire of the teachers of elementary schools to teach their students with holistic knowledge in terms of recycling, they have proposed a program that is taught in their classrooms regarding responsible management of wastes. The said program started with segregation of garbage to know which are recyclable and which are to be decomposed.

Recycling Plastic Wastes to Support Education

The recyclable plastics are collected by garbage collectors and brought to a factory that will process them to create chairs for students. We can see that there are so many chairs needed in elementary schools nowadays due to typhoons and other environmental problems that struck them that brought devastation. And since they cannot just depend on the government to help them rise above their situations, they have made a solution that will help not only their students but also the students of other schools. With this, quality education is promoted. It is like hitting two birds with one stone that should be an example to be emulated by other students too. Let us help students reach their dreams!

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