Stage fright is a condition more frightening than any other things on earth. In order to overcome this, it takes great efforts. For people who have already overcome this situation, they have some tips to share to those who are still in the process of overcoming it. In fact, even the most popular and skillful person in the world experienced once in his or her life a kind of xenophobic experience. Here are some advices that you may want to try to overcome your stage fright.

Be prepared. If you are not prepared, you are prone to stage fright. Whatever you do in front of so many people, you should have rehearsed so that you will not go tongue tied when you are already there. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will become.

Overcoming Stage Fright

Dress well. If you are having problems with what you are wearing, you will certainly be thinking about it while you are talking. Dress appropriately according to the occasion. Of course, you will not wear a tuxedo when it is not necessary, do you?

Think positively. Be positive because once negativity is there, you will find it hard to speak well. Do not think of things that are too abstract and will not happen. The more you think about them happening, the more you are expecting for your failure.

There is no cure for xenophobia but there are means tocontrol it. Widen your circle of friends and grab every opportunity given to you to speak in front of them. You will boost your confidence this way.

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