Filipinos are known for being honest in many things. This has proven by someone named Jony Villon who became an inspiration to many due to the fact that he has returned an amount of $4,800 (P210,000) which was left by an arriving passenger at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal I. Because of what he did, he was appreciated and in fact, rewarded with cash and gift items of the one who owns the money.

We can say that this man has the heart and he represents the real heart of the Filipinos towards honesty. He is an inspiration with good examples that we should emulate. If the young generation of this country would just look at this as an example, our country would have a wonderful future ahead.  

Jony Villon the NAIA Pushcart Retriever Gets More Blessings

We will be raising leaders that will lead our country well and bring it to its success. Honesty can change this country. Imagine having honest leaders that will lead it. This is one very important thing that we need to consider if we want progress.

We should be proud of his achievements because he has shown that money is not everything. That money is not just the reason to be happy and it should not just be our main priority in life because there are other important things that we need to consider such as our values.

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