If there is a key to understanding, it is by way of listening. We are fond of sharing our thoughts to someone by means of conversation and we are not aware that we are speaking too much without hearing the voice of the one we are talking to. There should be a balance of words between the two of you and that will only happen if each of you will recognize the importance of listening. It is better to listen than talk so much. And if you cannot control your talking, you maybe have a problem with this and it shows that you want most of the time to be the star of the conversation.

No matter who you are talking to, you have to show your interest. There are topics sometimes that you don’t like to talk about and there is this friend of yours who would like to borrow a few minutes of your time just to discuss it that you abhor the most. The best thing to do is just lend him your ears. You will gain respect by doing this. There are instances when all you need to do is listen. 

Listening Over Speaking

When you speak, you have to think of what will come out of your mouth. The message should be concise and avoid too much repetition except when you would like to stress and important point of view. People love listeners. The quote listening is the beginning of understanding is still applicable nowadays. If you will not listen to someone talking attentively, you might miss the point of his message.

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