Our households need lighting materials. This is in order for us not to live in the dark. The brighter our rooms are, the more convenient we are doing the things that we like. And talking about lighting our rooms, we have options. We can either use an incandescent light bulb or compact fluorescent bulb.

These two have distinct characteristics. And if you would like to save energy without taking for granted the brightness of your room, you have to use compact fluorescent bulb. There are several reasons why you have to change your lighting material into this.

It is more efficient to use. The light of compact fluorescent bulb is obviously brighter than an incandescent light bulb. 60 lumens per watt power is what you get with compact fluorescent bulb compared to what you get from incandescent bulb which is only 15.

Lighting Your Room with Compact Fluorescent Bulb.

It is cheaper. It is lower in cost and electricity consumption that is why you will be able to save energy and pay less with your monthly bills. If you are using several incandescent bulbs in the house, aside from poor brightness given by the bulb, you will pay more in your electricity.

By choosing the kind of light that is not consuming much energyyou will be able to help the world save energy. This simple act of yours has great impact to the world. Remember that this world is facing so many problems and one of them is the energy issue. Be part of the solution!

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