One of the hardest things to do being a student is memorizing something. It can be a poem, part of a play or predicted items during the examination. There are people who are good at it and there are others also who are poor at memorization. Though it is challenging to memorize, here are some suggested ways you can do in order to possibly memorize what you need to put in your mind:

Rest when you are tired. If your mind is tired, it is hard for you to memorize. This is because you are consumed with so many things and your concentration is not on what you are reading and trying to put inside your brain. Rest for a while or take a nap if needed and your mind will be refreshed and ready to accept inputs.

Keys to Effective Memorization

Eat when you are hungry. If you are hungry, your mind will try to alarm you always about your hunger. Eat if you are hungry and this will stop your tummy from complaining.

Find a quiet place. While there are people who can memorize anywhere, even in a busy street, majority would rather go to a quiet place where they can concentrate without any disturbance.

Do this when you wake up early in the morning. When you have done so many tiresome things during the day, it is important for you to sleep early and resume memorizing when you wake up early in the morning. This is so effective.

The key to effective memorization is pushing yourself to do this.

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