Since this is the month of love, you will get to hear love songs playing on the radio or even on the television wherein local and foreign artists are singing songs with this genre. It only shows that love songs are immortal. Looking at how we live in our society, we need love. We need love in order to become successful with our lives and careers. No matter how high we have flown, we can still land on a place where we are able to get the love that we desire. And love songs speak about how love is expressed in many ways. When it comes to love songs, here are four artists you would love to hear about this Valentine’s Day.

1. David Pomeranz. Whenever you hear the song “Got to believe in magic”, “On this day”, and “King and Queen of Hearts”, David is the responsible for these. Because of his soft voice, good musicality of songs and warm lyrics, you will be able to be captivated by his songs. David Pomeranz is one of the all time favorites during Valentine’s Day.

The Immortality of Love Songs on Valentine’s Day

2. Jim Brickman. This American songwriter and pianist is excellent during concerts. In fact, his songs are played and covered by so many bands and solo musicians around the world. His hits “The gift”, “Simple things”, “Destiny”and “Valentine” are songs you should have with you. Purchase the music online or in music store this Valentine’s Day.

3. Celine Dion. We know Celine Dion a lot because of her powerful and romantic songs “Because you loved me” and “My heart will go on”. You might have watched already the movie Titanic where the song “My heart will go on” is the soundtrack. You can try watching the movie again and fell in love again with Celine Dion’s voice.

4. Bread. if you are into soft voice with good musicality and lyrics, David Gates and the rest of Bread can give this to you. The band is responsible for the songs “Aubrey”, “Diary”, “Make it with you” and a lot more
Music is an essential factor during Valentine’s Day. Grab your copy of these songs now!

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