Acne is a problem not just by teenagers but also even those who are on their middle adulthood. There seems to be a kind of skin problem associated with the body composition of the person why he or she suffers to this kind of situation. Do you have one? Is this affecting your lifestyle? If you can say yes to the two questions, this is maybe the time that you have been waiting for to stop the spread of the so-called annoying problem.

Holding your ance with dirty, bare hands. This is s important for you to know. You are holding your face and any parts of your body with your bare hands and that is why you should wash often. You will never know what kind of bacteria built up in your hands that are microscopic. So, to be sure that your acne will not be infected that will cause multiplication, wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.

Four Things that may Worsen Acne

Popping them.Sometimes it is so tempting to pop or squeeze acne thinking that this may hasten your campaign to eradicate them all knowing that this method will just slow down the process for this is their means of increasing in size.

Having dirty hair.Acne problems especially in girls are associated with dirty hairs. When the hair will touch the infected one, it will cause problems not just with regards to infection but also the spread of bacteria coming from hair. You see, this is associated with dirty lifestyle. Make your hair clean by taking a bath often and using shampoo and conditioner if needed.

Poor rest. Be stressed and your acne will continue to grow in number. You will learn about this when you are in biology class or any class similar to this. If your cells are stressed, their capacity to promote healing will be lessened.

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