Dong Nguyen created a game that has challenged the consistency of the players both young and old. And since Flappy Bird is so popular nowadays, people would love to have this in their mobile phones. The fact is it has increased in sales because of its popularity. All you need to do is overcome the pipes though a pixilated bird flying over them. The higher your score is, the most likely you will become dominant.

A post from Nguyen's twitter account says that he cannot take this anymore. That the game is ruining his simple lifestyle.

Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen said that he will take Flappy Bird'down because he cannot take this anymore

Here are the screen-shots on his tweets on his Twiter account

And because of that, he will be removing the game from the app store and that means there will be no more update available for the game. Or, suffice it to say, the game cannot be purchased anymore.

The popularity of the game has increased that there are other game makers who noticed it that made use of the game's popularity to ride on. Because of Nguyen's decision to remove the game Flappy Bird, there are so many reactions with regards to it,  but this is what Nguyen have said:

There are so many frustrations with regards to the game. Personally, I became so frustrated when I only have a few scores on the game. The thing is I have to start all over again.

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