It was on the news that Flappy Bird is the most downloaded Adroid and iOS games on the market this early year Febuary 2014 that will surely makes the creator "Dong Nguyen" Milyonare this time. According to news the author denies to have an interview due to unknown reasons.

If you don't know yet, Flappy Bird is an game application developed by Dong Nguyen from independent game developer GEARS based in Hanoi, Vietnam. This addicting game was first released way back May 2013 but only become popular starting January 2014.

In Flappy Bird game, players only have one life which results to so challenging game that are unique from other games. Once the bird hits a pipe then its game over and you will start over again. There are no level ups only rewards and even a pause button is not present. If you progress longer in the game you will get medals which are the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Flappy Bird the Addicting Game of the Early Year 2014

Lot of players have been posting their hard-earned high scores on social media accounts like facebook and twitter including celebrities.

Anne Curtis posted on Tuesday (Feb 4, 2014) that she was surprised to have reached 14 pipes or score on flappy bird and emphasizing on how addicting the game is.
flappy bird score

The Top college basketball player Jeric Teng got a higher score, reaching 61 on Wednesday Feb 5, 2014 as shown on the image below.

flappy bird game over score 61

When asked by fans of this popular game if the author will open to being set for release on other gaming platforms, Nguyen said on his Twitter account that he’d rather have Flappy Bird stay on smartphones only with no further explanation why.

Nguyen said on his Twitter account that he’d rather have Flappy Bird stay on smartphones only.

As you first try the games its really make you "ANGRY" because simple but hard obstacles, this makes the games interesting wherein you need practice and good eye and firgers coordination to play the game and to reach the loger line.

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