Fear is real in a person. And we fear so many things in life. For some, they fear ghosts that cause them not to stay in the dark. There are people who fear insects and other animals. And for some just like me, they fear rejections, frustrations and the like. No matter what we fear in life, we have to do something about it. We have to fight it because fear causes us to:

Runaway. Running away is one indication of fear. If there is a killer chasing you, the best response that you can give aside from fighting is running. Run as fast as you can so that you can hide and save your life. We response this way to fear sometimes – we run that leads us to nowhere.

Facing Your Fears

Freeze. A sudden ghost appearing in front of you will cause you to freeze. The amount of shock you received immobilized you. We have this kind of response sometimes. We tend to do nothing with our fear and it remains our fear until we grow old.

Fight. This is the best response to fear. Fear can be hard to beat but it is possible. If you have acrophobia you can probably expose yourself to high places to fight your fear. Sometimes fear is in our minds. When we ignore and runaway from it, we will not be able to fight it and it remains our waterloo.

Doing something for your fear will help you end its chains on you. You have to break free from it so that you will be able to reach your goals in life.

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