Facebook is the world’s largest and most popular social networking site nowadays with 1.23 billion monthly active users. With the popularity of this social networking site that features games, chatting, sharing, private messaging, etc. This has captivated the hearts of so many people around the world giving them access to connect to their friends and loved ones around the world. And features keep adding and adding as facebook stays loger.

Facebook is celebrating its 10th YearAnniversary on January 4, 2014. This commemorates the humble beginnings of the most powerful social networking site that has been there through the years, being a companion to so many people around the world. An amazing record of $1.5 billion profit for 2013 was reported by Yahoo News.

Facebook is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary January 4, 2014

Here is a figure of Facebook’s statistics:
  • 1.23 billion active monthly users
  • 750 million active daily users
  • 6 billion - number of 'likes' on an average day in December 2013
  • 25 million - number of small and medium sized businesses with an active Facebook page or profile 
  • 200 million more users access Facebook daily via mobile than via desktop
Mark Zuckerberg is the chief and co-founder of Facebook who looked back at the past of Facebook and look forward to what Facebook has to reach in the near future. We see nowadays that it is connected to so many gadgets and we look forward to making “apps” for this.

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