When it comes to history and culture, Ilocos Sur is very rich. This is where Vigan is located and going to this place will remind you about the Spanish colony which is depicted from the buildings and houses. You can find so many heritage villages in this province aside from what is in its capital city. If you want to learn more about the history of this province, everything is detailed in the Burgos Museum and Crisologo Museum. These are normally the places where travelers go if they want to understand Ilocos Sur.

This province is composed of 32 municipalities and 2 cities named Vigan and Candon. The climate is generally dry and here you can find beaches to visit if you would like to unwind. Ilocos Sur’s economy is agricultural. Their main products are camote, cassava and other root crops.

Explore Philippines: Visit Ilocos Sur

One very interesting thing that we need to know from Ilocos Sur is that this is the home of so many famous and historical figures such as Diego Silang, Pedro Bucaneg, Ventura delos Reyes, Jose Burgos and many more. It only shows that the land of Ilocos was once a land of so many historical memories of agrarian reforms.

Going to Ilocos is by means of land travel. There are so many buses that you can ride that will pass on this province. You can take a bus to Laoag City because Ilocos Sur is found South of Ilocos Norte. There are so many interesting sites in Ilocos Sur that you can visit.

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