Dumaguete is the capital of Negros oriental. This is the center of commerce of the province which is the largest also. This is city is referred to as the City of Gentle People with a population of 120, 883 according to 2010 census. The word Dumaguete came from the Visayan word called daggit which means “to snatch” and also from the word “dumaguet” which means “to swoop”. It was coined by pirates of the old times of this town. Dumaguete was once a coastal town and it has the capacity to attract so many visitors and make them stay. Diego Lopez Povedano called the place Dananguet in 1572 and it was in 1734 when cartographer Pedro Murillo Velarde named the place Dumaguete.

The people who live in Dumaguete are called Dumagueteño. It is a first class city in terms of income class in the country. It is located in Region VII also called Central Visayas and has 30 barangays and all of them are classified as urban barangays. One of the things that Dumagute takes pride of is that it is regarded as a “University town”. This is due to the fact that there are so many universities in this place that have made an impact both to the country and to the world. Such universities are Silliman University, Foundation University, Negros Oriental State University and St. Paul University Dumaguete. If you would like to get a degree, it is good to enroll in one of Dumaguete’s universities.

Explore Philippines: Dumaguete

Transportation from Manila is by air through the Sibulan Airport and by sea thorough the port of Dumaguete. Bring your family and enjoy the city overlooking the sea. To add more trivia, Dumaguete has so many residents who became famous in the country both now and then such as Edith Tiempo, Jay Aquitania, Edilberto Tiempo, Kylie Padilla, Glydel Mercado, Beauty Gonzales and many more. You can learn about these personalities by searching online. It only shows that Dumaguete is not just a city of beautiful scenic spots but also of talented and gifted personalities who created a mark in the hearts of the Filipino people and the rest of the world.

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