When we talk about Bohol, we cannot avoid figuring out the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers. This province in Central Visayas has so many historical sites such as its old churches during the Spanish era. Going back to Chocolate Hills, there are a total of 1,286 hills of chocolate brown color during the dry season which is the main attraction of the province. This province’s capital is Tagbilaran City and it also has so many beaches and resorts.

Bohol is the home of natural tarsiers in the country which is one of the smallest primates in the world. You can go see one of these primates provided you have to be still not to disturb them from their resting. Since the province has so many beaches, you will surely enjoy island hopping and seeing the wonders of Panglao.

Explore Philippines: Visit Bohol

Bohol has a colorful history knowing that this is where the first blood compact was made between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna in 1521. The Boholano’s culture is highly influenced by Mexico during colonization with a various range of Hispanic influence in practices like dance, music and food.

If you will visit this place, you will not just see how beautiful it is but also experience nostalgia with its colorful past preserved through time. Think of having them in package. Your vacation will never be the same anymore when you visit Bohol. The oval-shaped mainland of the province will allow you to see the wonders of nature with its bountiful beauty.

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